Why Selling Rolexes to Companies is Safest

When it comes to selling Rolexes, you’ve got a lot of options at your disposal. It’s a great watch, and it can fetch a lot of money. However, why bother going to the trouble of selling to a commercial company when you could go online and sell it to a collector and make a bit of money?

Well, selling your Rolex professionally is actually one of the safest ways to do it. The likelihood of something happening to your watch is very slim, and there are a lot of benefits to selling professionally. Let’s talk about why this is actually the safest method possible.

Big Companies Have Cash

Financing is one of the biggest problems when trying to sell a Rolex. Lots of people don’t have the money, which means they can’t buy the watch from you on a private listing, so you often don’t sell because you can’t get rid of the watch in one sale. If you had a Rolex that was worth $2000, not a lot of people have $2000 to just buy a Rolex. Most people don’t have that kind of disposable income.

On the other hand, a professional company has $2000. They have thousands of dollars that they can use to purchase a Rolex from you whenever they want, so you’re guaranteed to get your money that day. Score one point for professional companies.

Professional Companies Buy Direct

If you try and sell somewhere like eBay, then you’re going to get hit with commission fees. That’s how big companies like eBay make their bucks, they charge you for selling items. They take a percentage of the commission for selling that item, which can be a lot.

You can probably tell where we’re going with this, but professional companies don’t charge commission fees. They buy directly from you privately, so there’s no need to get eBay involved.

Quick and Easy Sales

If you put your Rolex up for sale on a selling site, it can take weeks to get rid of it. Even if you put up your listing at $1000 as a starting bid, it’s going to take a long time for people to raise the bid high enough or for you to make money. You could spend weeks waiting for someone to make that purchase.

Big companies don’t waste time. They will buy it from you the very same day, and the cash will usually hit your bank account within a few days. It’s that simple, and it cuts down selling time by weeks, if not months.

Sell Direct

As you can tell, it’s pretty advantageous to sell directly. Big companies are interested in buying your Rolex, and they’ll give you a good price and pay quickly. You don’t have to try and navigate eBay, and you don’t have to worry about selling fees. It’s that simple. Lots of people with rare timepieces are abandoning eBay as a bad idea and just selling directly to big companies.

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