Time For a Christmas Bonus – Rolex Sales Happen Now

Now that we’re almost out of October, it’s time to think about Christmas. Christmas is a magical time for everybody, and it’s a good opportunity to spend some money and get yourself some nice presents and make sure the family has all the goodies that they want this year. However, if you’re feeling the pinch like most people, then you’re probably wondering how to bring in some extra money.

Luckily, this is worth selling your Rolex can come in real handy, because you’ll be able to make a nice amount of money and get rid of something that’s probably just been sitting in your desk drawer picking up dust.
Rolex Prices Hike Up Over Christmas

The thing that you’ve got to consider about a Rolex, is that over the Christmas period, people are much more inclined to spend a nice bit of money for something that they really want. After all, it’s the festive season, and that sort of mentality can get pretty infectious. You might find that collectors and individuals are much more likely to start paying good money for Rolexes because they want to add them to their collection or they want to give them to a family member as a gift.

However, if you are going to go and sell your Rolex, then you have to realize that private sales are not the way forward. From dodgy deals to lowball offers from collectors who want to try and get a valuable item without having to pay much money, you will find that it’s much more hassle to navigate this kind of arena than it is to simply sell to a professional company.
Time to Make Christmas Dough

There’s never been a better time to make some money this Christmas. If you do sell to a professional company, then you are more likely to make the money that you want and get your deal sorted out before the Christmas period.

A good business will have a lot of resources to offer you, so they can give you a proper market value for your Rolex, and the older it is, the more money you can get.

They will make sure that the deal is done within just a few days, as opposed to waiting weeks or even months for a private sale. This means you can have that money in advance of the Christmas period and start going shopping for those presents that you want to give people.
Don’t Waste Time

Honestly, there’s never been a better time to sell a Rolex. You would be very impressed at the amount of money that you could make in time for the Christmas period. There are plenty of professional companies out there like us. We are fair competitive rates and we are more than happy to make sure you get the best results. The only thing you need to do is tell us what you’ve got to get a comparative quote.

Selling Firearms to a Pawnshop – The Facts

Most people living across the US own a firearm. It’s very normal to own a gun, and if you want to sell it, then a pawnshop can be an option for making some money. However, owing to the nature of firearms and the danger to the general public they represent, it’s important to do some research and understand the facts before you approach a pawnshop.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what you need to know about firearms.
You’ll Need to Check the License

If you want to sell a firearm to a pawnshop, than you will need to take a look at the license that shop has with regards to the buying, selling, and trading of firearms. Pawnshops are required to undergo rigorous locations and interviews before they can get a license to purchase or sell firearms, so if they don’t have the license, then they will not be able to help you.
Look At Value

As is the case, with any type of purchase or sale, you need to look at the value of your firearm before you attempt to sell it. This will make a big difference in how successful your sale will be, so you need to carefully examine the weapon that you have, identify what condition it is in, and then do some research to find the value before you go into the shop. Do not accept anything less than the value that you believe you are owed.
Do the Prep Work

You should make sure that you have done all of the prep work before taking your weapon into the pawnshop to sell it. Remove all ammunition from the weapon, store it and any accessories in a separate case, and make sure that the safety is switched on for the weapon to prevent accidental discharge. The gun should be presented as if it were being viewed by somebody in a shop, and only for display and browsing purposes.
Expect a Background Check

Obviously, pawn shops have a legal responsibility to make sure that they are being safe when purchasing a firearm, so it’s perfectly normal to expect some kind of background check if you want to purchase a gun or sell one. This will make sure that you are both allowed to buy firearms legally, and that you do own this weapon and are not attempting to sell a stolen item. This can take some time to do, so keep that in mind.
Selling is Possible

If all of the criteria are met, then there is no reason why you should not be able to sell a firearm to a pawnshop. It’s not one of the most frequently purchased items, but it is possible to make a sale, and you should definitely give it a try if you want to get rid of a firearm. However, always be sure that you are in full compliance with the law, as ignorance is not an adequate defense in a legal situation.

Will a Pawn Shop Buy Your Car?

You can sell most things at a pawnshop, but have you ever thought about selling your car to a pawnshop? You might be surprised to know that a lot of people do sell their cars to pawnshops or use them as part of a loan.

Naturally, your car is an expensive asset, so there are a couple of different things to consider before you can go and just sell it outright. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.


  1. Know the value of your car

If you’re going to sell your car to a pawnshop, then you’ll need to do a little research beforehand to get an estimate of what the car will be worth. Most people don’t know how much they could get for their vehicles and often underestimate their value.

Knowing how much your car is worth will help you when it comes to negotiating with pawn shops. Most of them are amenable to sensible offers for your vehicle, but if you don’t know their value this becomes a lot harder to do.


  1. Clean your car before you approach a pawn shop

If you want to sell your car to a pawnshop, then like any item, it needs to be presentable to get the highest value. The best thing you can do is clean out your car and have it detailed if there are any cosmetic issues on the bodywork.

This can make a big difference to selling your car to a pawnshop, and it doesn’t cost that much to have a car professionally cleaned – you could do it yourself in an afternoon. Naturally, it is up to you which method you choose, but you have plenty of options.


  1. Understand the difference between pawning and selling

When you sell your car to a pawnshop you have two options – to pawn it off on a loan or sell it outright. It is up to you which of the two options you pick but you need to consider it carefully.

Selling your car outright is simple – you negotiate on the price and make the deal. It is a quick and easy process in most cases. However, it is also permanent. You can’t go back for the car unless you buy it back, and even then, there is no guarantee someone else won’t buy it first.

A pawn loan is different, naturally. You use the value of the car to get cash, but you have a window in which to buy it back. This protects your car until you’re ready to take it back!

Making the Right Choice

So, it is quite easy to sell a car to a pawnshop, but you have to pick the right shop and the right way to go about making a sale. If you can do that, it’s easy to pick up value, which is good. Just be prepared to haggle a little – prices can vary and you may need to negotiate to get your desired results.


Sell Your Rolex to Bring in Winter Cash

With the winter coming up, a lot of people take skiing holidays or start to plan for Christmas. Enjoying yourself during the winter can be an expensive time, so it’s probably worth looking to see if you have anything valuable that you don’t want. Making a good sale can get you quite a bit of cash, and you never know what rare item you have sitting in a drawer at home.

We would definitely recommend selling a Rolex. It is worth a lot of money in the right conditions, so let’s talk about your options and getting the best deal.

Go Private First and Foremost

The first thing that you should do when trying to sell your Rolex to generate some cash for the winter is to avoid places like eBay or private collectors. Generally speaking, these are limited in the amount of money you can get. eBay is an open marketplace, which generally attracts lower prices than other retail providers, so you are going to get less for your Rolex the second you listed. Private collectors can be very picky about what they purchase, so they are not a great option either.

Selling to a private company is the best way to get a good price because they have the resources and capital to make sure you get a good deal. Private companies are also willing to purchase all year round, which is good.

Always Maximize Profits

If you want to make the most amount of money for your Rolex, then it’s highly recommended you try and maximize your profits by getting the best deal. You can do this in a handful of different ways.

We suggest making sure that you have the original box and inserts for your Rolex because it does make a big difference. Having the original packaging can help to improve the value of the watch, and something else you should also do is try and keep it in good condition until you want to sell it. This will definitely drive up the value so it’s worth doing.

You can get a very good deal with private companies if you maximize the value of your watch, which is definitely something we would recommend.

Selling a Rolex is Easy

The great thing about selling your Rolex is that it is quick and easy. You have a lot of different options available to you, so it’s well worth exploring all of the different choices at your disposal. At the end of the day, your best bet will always be to take a look at what type of Rolex you have, because older or rare items fetch a better price. If you want to bring in cash for the winter, selling a Rolex is definitely a good way to do it. We would be more than happy to help you with this, so please get in touch and find out what we can offer.

Commonly Asked Questions When Selling a Rolex

If you want to sell a Rolex, then you probably have a few questions about how you can sell it and what kind of value you will get. Enough people ask these questions on a regular basis that we thought we would take the time to address some of them. These are definitely some of the most frequently asked questions about Rolex watches and selling them privately to us, so let’s take a look.

Q: Can I sell my Rolex without the original box and inserts?

Yes, if you want to sell your Rolex without the original box and inserts you can do so. We will purchase a Rolex from you regardless of what packaging it comes with. However, it’s important to understand that having the original box and the inserts will make a big difference to the value of your Rolex.

Q: I have had to replace a piece of my Rolex, will it still be worth money?

Within the Rolex community, there is a general understanding that watches can become damaged, and it may be necessary to replace certain pieces from time to time. There are some people who just like Rolex watches, and don’t particularly care, so they will still happily purchase the item anyway, but it’s a little bit different when you’re trying to sell to a collector or a private company like us.

Obviously, if you have had to repair your Rolex at any point, some of the components used may be from other watch brands or simply generic replacement parts. As this will change the way the Rolex looks, it may be worth less depending on the repairs that have been made.

Q: how can I maximize the value of my Rolex?

Selling a Rolex can be a complicated process, and it is understandable that you want the best possible deal for it. Something we would recommend you do is therefore have it cleaned with nonabrasive cleaning materials, retain the original box and inserts, and keep in good condition. The less scratches and damages that are visible, the better your price will be. However, there is a limit to how much you can get for a Rolex, so you have to understand that it will have a specific value nonetheless.

Selling Your Rolex

Selling your Rolex is quite a straightforward process and it can give you a lot of money. However, the best thing that you can do is to take a look at how you can improve the value of your watch before you approach us. Generally speaking, we aim to give you a competitive price for your Rolex relevant to its quality and rarity. However, there are things you can do to improve the value, and there are things you can do which will decrease the value. It’s important to make the right decisions accordingly. Rolexes can be worth quite a lot of money, so it’s worth making a sale.

Items You Probably Can’t Sell to a Pawn Shop

Considering that you can sell most things to a pawnshop, a lot of people are surprised to discover there are a fair few things that you can’t sell to a pawn shop. Understandably, there are a few items on the list which are just common sense, but there’s also a couple of things that you might be surprised to find out.

Let’s take a look at the top things that you can and cannot sell to a pawnshop. It’s quite an interesting list.


  1. Any illegal or stolen items

Obviously, these are some of the commonsense items that we talked about, as you cannot sell anything which is either illegal or stolen to a pawnshop.

When we talk about illegal things, we are referring to substances like hazardous waste material or illegal drugs. However, when we refer to stolen items, we are talking about anything which has recently been taken in the last few days.

You should be aware that most companies have a strict policy about stolen goods. If you are believed to have stolen the item, or an item matching the description of what you are trying to sell appears in police reports, then pawn shops have a legal responsibility to report you to the authorities.


  1. Mattresses

Surprisingly, mattresses cannot be sold to a pawnshop. They are considered to be potentially hazardous as they can carry dust, allergens, and even bedbugs.


  1. Shoes

Shoes face a similar problem when trying to sell to a pawnshop, as they are considered unhygienic and a risk to health and safety. This means that even if you do have a pair of rare sneakers that you want to sell, it’s best to go online instead.


  1. Vacuum cleaners

If you have an old vacuum cleaner sitting around your house, or a new one that you don’t use, you might think that you can sell it to a pawnshop.

However, this falls under the same category as mattresses, and shoes in the sense that it’s considered to be a breeding ground for germs and is unhygienic.


  1. Tapes

You would hope that old VCR and VHS tapes might have some value due to being scarce, but with the rise of streaming technology and DVDs being cheaper than ever, these types of items have very little value and won’t get you anything in a pawnshop

Getting a Good Deal

Naturally, getting a good deal can be very difficult, which is why it’s important to take a look at what’s available. Selling to a pawnshop isn’t particularly difficult, but does require you to put a little bit of time into getting the best deals. However, if you are prepared to do so, then you will find that there are still plenty of items you can sell. Unfortunately, the items that we’ve listed here, probably won’t get you any money whatsoever, and you may not even be able to sell them. In those cases, donating to goodwill is probably the best thing you can do.




Sell a Rolex, Fund a Summer Treat

With the summer coming up, it’s perfectly normal to want to go away and celebrate the good weather by spending time with family or seeing a new part of the world. However, finding the money to do these types of things can be very difficult if you are trying to save and work through uncertain economic times like this. Thankfully, you might have a very valuable item that you can sell sitting in a drawer somewhere in your house.

Sell Your Rolex Today

So, you might have a Rolex in one of the drawers in your house, and it’s been sitting there for years now just gathering dust. You don’t use it, because for whatever reason it doesn’t appeal to you anymore, but you don’t know what else to do with it so you just left it. Something that you might not know is that your Rolex can actually be worth quite a lot of money.

Selling a Rolex is a good way to pick up a large amount of money very quickly because all the models that come with the original box and inserts can all be worth thousands of dollars to the right person. This means that you could have a potential nest egg sitting in the top drawer of a cabinet somewhere and you might not even know it.

Always Sell Professionally

When it comes to selling a Rolex, you have a lot of options so we’re going to give you our top tip for doing so, which is never sell your Rolex to somebody on eBay or on a private collectors site. These are not good places to make a sale for a number of different reasons.

You’re more likely to get approached with lowball offers or people who don’t understand the value of the items that you’re selling. Furthermore, acting through third-party websites means that you don’t have as much control over the process, so if somebody decides that they don’t want to pay suddenly, or they don’t want the item, they can back out very quickly and you lose time and money.

Your best bet is always to sell to a professional company because they can guarantee a much more effective and permanent sale. For example, we always act with integrity, and if we make a purchase, we honor it. There is no take back, there is no issue on your end, so you can just take the money and go and enjoy your time away.

Sell Your Rolex This Summer

One of the best things that you can do for your summer holidays is to sell your Rolex if you don’t want it anymore. They’re worth a lot of money, and they’re very easy to sell, so it’s worth taking a look at what kind of professional sales are available. We can give you a pretty good deal, for example, so it’s well worth checking out what’s on offer.




Are My Items Safe to Leave With a Pawnshop?

Like most people, you’ve probably given some thought to the idea of using a pawnshop to sell your items on a temporary basis, get some money to pay your bill, and then pick up your items in a couple of weeks when you next get paid. However, if you’re new to the idea of selling with a pawnshop, then you probably don’t know whether or not it’s safe to leave your items with the shop for a few weeks. After all, surely places like this are prime targets for theft?

Pawn Loans Help a Lot

Naturally, the idea of selling your belongings to a pawnshop can be very appealing because they can offer you a lot. With competitive prices available, it’s easy to make a sale and then walk away with a quick injection of cash that will keep you going until payday. Then, if you want your items back, you just go back and pay off the loan.

You will be pleased to discover that when it comes to selling items to a pawnshop, they are plenty safe. There are quite a few security measures in place to make sure that nothing happens to your possessions, whilst they are in the ownership of the shop, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Great Security Systems

The most important thing to remember when looking at a pawnshop is the fact that they have great security systems out of necessity. Despite the fact that you would assume a pawnshop is a prime target for theft, the opposite is almost true. Because these types of stores are such high-value targets that have so many items, the security systems on them are usually state-of-the-art, incorporating cameras and alarms to protect the occupants and the contents of the store.

Furthermore, all valuable items are stored in a secure place overnight and while the shop is not open to protect them from harm. This will typically also use modern security measures, and may even be hidden in the back room of the shop to prevent it being an obvious target in the event of theft.

Pawnshops Are Safer Than You Think

So, the great thing about a pawn shop is that it is usually safer than you think.

These types of locations are protected by modern security systems, and the police will naturally have more of an awareness of what’s going on in the areas where these properties are because they are of such high value. It’s perfectly safe to leave your possessions in the shop while you have your loan, and then when you want to collect them, you can get them back at any point once you have paid. It’s really that simple, so it’s definitely worth doing.

Only somebody incredibly foolish would try to steal from a pawn shop these days, especially considering pawnshops routinely keep their eyes out for stolen items in the local area, so your possessions will be perfectly safe!

How to Get a Good Pawn Shop Deal

So, if you’re thinking about selling your items to a pawnshop, it’s safe to say that you’ve got a lot of different options at your disposal. They’re a great way to make a bit of extra cash whether you choose to sell items temporarily and get a loan or sell them permanently and walk away with the cash. Whichever of the two you choose to do, it’s important to make sure that you get the best deal for the items that you have, so let’s take a look at some of what you should do to make sure that you do get the deal you deserve.

Know Value Beforehand

Knowing the value of your items is very important, because it gives you an opportunity to go in from a strong position. Essentially, you need to know how much an item is worth before you start trying to negotiate for it, because otherwise you’re not going to be able to get the best price.

Do some research online and you’ll very quickly be able to ascertain the value of an item which will help you to make the right decision. Something that we definitely recommend is that you stick to the price as closely as you can, because some pawn shop owners may try and undercut you slightly if they think they can get away with it, there are unfortunately some less than moral individuals out there.

Know When to Negotiate and When to Walk Away

When it comes to selling an item at a pawnshop, you have to be prepared to know when to negotiate with the owner and when to simply walk away. If the original offer that you were hoping to receive is $100, and you’re only offered $40, then it’s probably worth walking away there and then. That individual is clearly not prepared to negotiate reasonably and will undoubtedly just try and get the item from you as cheaply as possible.

There are plenty of pawnshops out there, so finding the right vendor for you isn’t particularly difficult, you just have to be proud to walk away from anybody who isn’t gonna take you seriously and give you the value that you need. At the end of the day, if your item is worth a certain value, then you should definitely try and get the best price for it, even if that means walking away from the table a few times.

It’s All About Confidence

Ultimately, negotiating for the sale of an item to a pawn shop isn’t a difficult task so long as you stay confident and know the verse of your item. A lot of people simply accept a lower cost and walk away because they’re not confident in negotiating, and all this does is set them up for a loss. If you have an item which is valuable, don’t be afraid to hold out for the price, you know it can get, because more often than not, it is worth It

The Fine Art of Waiting to Sell a Rolex

Taking the time to sell a Rolex is something that you won’t regret because it can generate a lot of money very quickly. Something that we definitely recommend you do do however, is to wait a little while before making a sale.

You might be in a hurry to make a sale on your Rolex, but we definitely advise waiting because it can have a number of benefits for you and the amount of money you can walk away with. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Value Increases Over Time

Something you might not know about Rolexes is that they are a very popular type of watch, so they are being sold all the time. Sales happen every day in a wealth of settings, from sales down the local market to private sales conducted online across the world. The thing about all of these sales is that this means the number of Rolexes actively in rotation goes down when they are snatched up by a collector.

This benefits you personally because the more Rolexes that sell and go into someone’s collection, the higher the demand for the models still available. This means that the value of your Rolex will naturally improve over time, so when you do make a sale, it will be worth quite a lot of money.

We’re Always Happy to Buy

Making a sale for your Rolex is something that you can do whenever you’d like to come over and we are always happy to make a purchase. However, we definitely recommend selling around major holidays because the value will go up, so we can give you a better price on your Rolex.

It can definitely be difficult to sit and wait to sell a Rolex, especially if you know it’s a very rare model which is worth a lot and it’s in good condition, but think about it like this. So, the longer you wait, the greater the value, and you want to sell it at the point where it will get you the most money, because then you can enjoy the rewards as much as you can.

This means that even six months can make a massive difference between making a sale and making a big one. If you wait just a few months until a big holiday comes up when people are more interested in making these kinds of purchases, then you’ll find that you can get a much more competitive price.

Sell to Us When the Time is Right

We definitely recommend selling your Rolex to us when the time is right, but we do encourage you to wait until you’re ready. We are not going anywhere, and we will be happy to purchase an item from you whether it’s a week from now or in six months time. We operate all year around, so you can make a sale whenever you feel it’s the right time to do so.