Tips: Cash for Gold


Tips: Cash for Gold

In today’s tough economy, many South Floridians are looking for ways to make more money. A quick way to make money is trading, selling your gold, jewelry or Rolex to stores or pawn shops in Miami. Whether you want to upgrade your jewelry collection or get cash for gold, we’ll buy your unwanted gold jewelry or offer cash on jewelry at Pawn Miami.

Looking to sell your gold or get fast and easy cash? Before you visit jewelers or pawn stores in Miami, expect a few things to ensue. First, your gold will be weighed and tested. Then the gold buyer will present you with a quote. If you decide to take the offer, necessary paperwork will be filled out. Lastly, a check or cash will be present. Pawn Miami makes buying and selling gold fast and easy for you.

The weight of gold helps determine its value but you have to keep in mind pawn shops and jewelers in Miami may differ how they weigh gold jewelry. The standard measurement is called the Troy ounce but some places may use pennyweight to determine your gold value. Where and who you sell your gold to is just as important. At our store in Miami, you’ll only deal with reputable and registered gold buyers.

We will Match any Offer or Deal from any Jewelry Store or Pawn Shop!