Rates & Terms

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Our loans are transparent and upfront with all costs associated with our transactions.
The service fees for your item are determined by your loan amount.

$10 – $10,000 Loans, maximum loan period is 24 months and payments are due every 30 days.

Loans at 5% interest rate for first 30 days, 10% interest rate after 31st day.

Maximum APR 120%, Customer chooses whether to pay interest-only or interest and principal monthly. No hidden fees. No upfront charges or advance charges.

Default Policy
30-day period between loan payment due dates (i.e. monthly payments) after 63 days without payment item will be considered forfeited.


Customer gets a loan of $1,000 he/she has plans to keep the loan for 2 months. Payment for first month $50, second month $100, the maximum payment to cover 2 months of interest and repay principal would be $1,150.
5% x $1,000 = $50
10% x $1000 = $100
Total Interest $150 + $1,000 principal = $1,150
30-day period between payments.
No minimum repayment period.
Maximum repayment period of 24 months.