Funniest Things Ever Sold at a Pawn Shop


One of the best aspects of pawn shops is the fact that they are willing to pawn or buy just about anything of value. Unfortunately, this can be a downside, too.

Pawn brokers that have been in the business a long time will have their fair share of odd stories to tell. Here are just a few of the funniest items ever sold at a pawn shop.

Cookie Monster Jewelry

Chains and various charms made from precious metals can easily be used to customize other pieces, so pawn brokers love when customers bring them in. In fact, many pawn shops will happily take any old jewelry off your hands.

Some customers, however, will try to sell off some really strange pieces. Those who have watched the hit Netflix Original Uncut Gems may recall the diamond-encrusted Furby toys Adam Sandler’s shifty character peddles to unwitting customers.

As if that wasn’t an odd enough piece in fiction, one pawn broker on Reddit fondly recalls a time when a customer sold his 153.4 gram, 10-karat gold-linked chain with a huge golden Cookie Monster charm attached to it in real life. There were even 2.0-karat diamonds placed into the eyes.

Though the pawn shop appraised the piece to be worth around $1,500, the customer only wanted $100 for the entire thing.

Gold Teeth

Speaking of precious metals, pawn shops will pay a pretty penny for just about anything that contains the stuff. Apparently, this includes the gold fillings on your teeth (or even the whole tooth). Some desperate customers will even go so far as to yank out their own teeth with pliers right at the register for a bit of cash.

Most pawn shops request their customers to have the gold removed from their teeth before trying to sell it off. That being said, a few brokers might not care and buy the gold off the customer as is, tooth and all, and sell it back to potential customers.


When pawn shops claim they will buy anything from customers, most don’t expect people to go this far for a bit of cash. On an episode of the TV show Pawn Stars, a man sold one of the hosts a whole can of elephant manure from the Washington Park Zoo for $20. Though this was clearly meant as a sort of gross prank by the man, the hosts were too amused not to indulge how ridiculous it was.

Another Reddit user states that a Tennessee woman once tried to sell some feces in a shoe box as well. The catch is it wasn’t hers (as if that wouldn’t be weird enough), but rather, Elvis 

Presley’s from around 50 or so years ago. She claims that she and the famous rock star had had a one-night stand and he went to the bathroom afterwards.

Unlike the Pawn Stars prank, this woman was serious. The brokers refused to even touch it, so at least there was that.


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