Facts About Food Bars and Energy Drinks

Of all the types of products that are being sold, food bars and energy drinks have the most hype surrounding them. There are countless brands, each promising amazing results that often defy common sense. These energy bars and drinks can make you stronger and fitter, according to what the companies that make them have to say. That’s why it’s so importance to distinguish the truth from the hype when it comes to food bars and energy drinks.

When it comes to energy drinks, the main stimulant is usually caffeine. You don’t need energy drinks to get caffeine, as you can also drink coffee, tea or soda. People react differently to caffeine, and you should be aware of how much you’re consuming. Some only have as much caffeine as found in a cup of coffee. Other energy drinks have much more. A lot of sugar, plus vitamins, minerals and herbs are also added to these energy drinks that you consume. The combination of all of these together may affect you in adverse ways, though this is not well documented. To get your caffeine, you may just want to use coffee or tea, instead of slamming down that energy drink.

You need to look at how many calories are in each bar, by reading the labels on the energy bars packages. There can be around 100 calories to over 400, depending on the type of food bar, so be careful which you buy.

The calories can add up fast, if you are having a lot of food bars. You can find high calorie bars, if you are working out, but have the goal of gaining weight. There are energy bars that have less than 200 calories, and these are the ones for everyone who wants to lose or maintain their weight. It is the total calories which you are consuming, so if the energy bar is the only thing you are having, it doesn’t matter as much how many calories it has.

If you want to consume an energy bar before a workout, you should be aware of how digestible it is. Many people think that energy bars can only replace meals, but give them quick energy and lots of nutrition. When it comes to energy bars, digesting them is often hard to do. Trying several different brands is something that you should probably experiment with. They are much easier to digest if you drink a lot of water with each and every energy bar that you take. Since all of these energy foods seem to be low in water content, drinking a lot of water with them is a good idea. In conclusion, when drinking an energy drink, or eating an energy bar, you need to be aware of exactly what you are consuming every time. It is hard to keep track of them all. There are so many different brands and products out there. Every product will have a product label for ingredients. It will list how much caffeine, sugar and calories are in each one. In the end, no food bar or energy drink can actually replace all of the nutrition that you need to get from a well-balanced diet everyday.

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