The Fine Art of Waiting to Sell a Rolex

Taking the time to sell a Rolex is something that you won’t regret because it can generate a lot of money very quickly. Something that we definitely recommend you do do however, is to wait a little while before making a sale.

You might be in a hurry to make a sale on your Rolex, but we definitely advise waiting because it can have a number of benefits for you and the amount of money you can walk away with. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Value Increases Over Time

Something you might not know about Rolexes is that they are a very popular type of watch, so they are being sold all the time. Sales happen every day in a wealth of settings, from sales down the local market to private sales conducted online across the world. The thing about all of these sales is that this means the number of Rolexes actively in rotation goes down when they are snatched up by a collector.

This benefits you personally because the more Rolexes that sell and go into someone’s collection, the higher the demand for the models still available. This means that the value of your Rolex will naturally improve over time, so when you do make a sale, it will be worth quite a lot of money.

We’re Always Happy to Buy

Making a sale for your Rolex is something that you can do whenever you’d like to come over and we are always happy to make a purchase. However, we definitely recommend selling around major holidays because the value will go up, so we can give you a better price on your Rolex.

It can definitely be difficult to sit and wait to sell a Rolex, especially if you know it’s a very rare model which is worth a lot and it’s in good condition, but think about it like this. So, the longer you wait, the greater the value, and you want to sell it at the point where it will get you the most money, because then you can enjoy the rewards as much as you can.

This means that even six months can make a massive difference between making a sale and making a big one. If you wait just a few months until a big holiday comes up when people are more interested in making these kinds of purchases, then you’ll find that you can get a much more competitive price.

Sell to Us When the Time is Right

We definitely recommend selling your Rolex to us when the time is right, but we do encourage you to wait until you’re ready. We are not going anywhere, and we will be happy to purchase an item from you whether it’s a week from now or in six months time. We operate all year around, so you can make a sale whenever you feel it’s the right time to do so.

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