Pawn Shops or Garage Sales – Which is Best?


So, when it comes to getting rid of old items that you don’t want anymore, you have a couple of different choices. Most people would usually organize some kind of garage sale. However, we would recommend that you go through a pawnshop instead.

Obviously, it’s not just about taking what we say at face value, because there is a whole argument for using a pawnshop over something like a garage sale. Let’s talk about what we mean so you can get a better understanding of what could be available to you.

Garage Sales Aren’t the Best

The big problem with a garage sale is that you’re not getting the best value every time. Obviously, with a garage sale, you put everything out and invite people to come and have a look. People will make offers for things that they find based on what they think the item is worth, and it’s up to you to agree or disagree with the offer and then make a sale.

Naturally, as a strategy, this has a tendency to go a bit wrong. The immediate problem is that you’re not likely to know the value of all of the items before you start the sale. This means that somebody might offer you $10 for a tennis racket, but the reality is that the racket is actually worth $60. However, because you don’t know, and you’re just trying to clear off some space, you accept the sale and lose $50 on the racket.

You might be forgiven if you think this is an isolated, one-time event but it isn’t. The truth is that you might set out to make a few hundred dollars but find yourself with a lot less at the end.

Pawn Shops Work Better

At the end of the day, most people know that a pawnshop is the better choice for anybody who is looking to sell items and make a reasonable profit. The typical pawnshop is likely to give you a fair price for your goods, which makes it easy for you to get what you need. If you don’t know what your item is worth, they’ll be able to give you a valuation based on the current market rate, and you can use this to make a sale.

You should never feel ashamed or worried about using a pawnshop. Lots of people do it all the time, it’s a very normal way to make money, and it has been proven to have a lot of benefits.

Pawn Shop Beats Garage Sale

We would definitely say that a pawnshop beats a garage sale. Selling items to the pawnshop is one of the best things that you can do because it’s quick and easy. You’re almost guaranteed to walk out with the cash value that you wanted, and it can be a good way to sell a lot of valuable items very quickly. You don’t have to take your chances with a garage sale, so it’s worth doing.

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