Items You Probably Can’t Sell to a Pawn Shop

Considering that you can sell most things to a pawnshop, a lot of people are surprised to discover there are a fair few things that you can’t sell to a pawn shop. Understandably, there are a few items on the list which are just common sense, but there’s also a couple of things that you might be surprised to find out.

Let’s take a look at the top things that you can and cannot sell to a pawnshop. It’s quite an interesting list.


  1. Any illegal or stolen items

Obviously, these are some of the commonsense items that we talked about, as you cannot sell anything which is either illegal or stolen to a pawnshop.

When we talk about illegal things, we are referring to substances like hazardous waste material or illegal drugs. However, when we refer to stolen items, we are talking about anything which has recently been taken in the last few days.

You should be aware that most companies have a strict policy about stolen goods. If you are believed to have stolen the item, or an item matching the description of what you are trying to sell appears in police reports, then pawn shops have a legal responsibility to report you to the authorities.


  1. Mattresses

Surprisingly, mattresses cannot be sold to a pawnshop. They are considered to be potentially hazardous as they can carry dust, allergens, and even bedbugs.


  1. Shoes

Shoes face a similar problem when trying to sell to a pawnshop, as they are considered unhygienic and a risk to health and safety. This means that even if you do have a pair of rare sneakers that you want to sell, it’s best to go online instead.


  1. Vacuum cleaners

If you have an old vacuum cleaner sitting around your house, or a new one that you don’t use, you might think that you can sell it to a pawnshop.

However, this falls under the same category as mattresses, and shoes in the sense that it’s considered to be a breeding ground for germs and is unhygienic.


  1. Tapes

You would hope that old VCR and VHS tapes might have some value due to being scarce, but with the rise of streaming technology and DVDs being cheaper than ever, these types of items have very little value and won’t get you anything in a pawnshop

Getting a Good Deal

Naturally, getting a good deal can be very difficult, which is why it’s important to take a look at what’s available. Selling to a pawnshop isn’t particularly difficult, but does require you to put a little bit of time into getting the best deals. However, if you are prepared to do so, then you will find that there are still plenty of items you can sell. Unfortunately, the items that we’ve listed here, probably won’t get you any money whatsoever, and you may not even be able to sell them. In those cases, donating to goodwill is probably the best thing you can do.




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