Why Are People Afflicted by Autism?

Due to its unusual nature, causes of autism are hard to identify, as no one has found a definite cause for it yet. Due to the many different varieties of autism it is known as a “spectrum” disorder. The spectrum ranges from those with Asperger’s Syndrome, who are able to function in society, to those with severe autism, who often find they must be institutionalized due to the fact that they are unable to care for even their most basic needs. In determining the cause of autism most scientist hold to the belief that autism is due to several factors and not one single cause. Many believe that genetics is some how involved in the process. Since there are so many theories for the cause of autism we have brought just a few to your attention.

Poor eating habits could likely be one of the reasons for autism. There is confirmation, for example, that a need for vitamin D in pregnant women can increase the likelihood of the child being born with autism. One type of treatment for autism involved high doses of vitamins. Some researchers have also seen victories managing autistic children by taking gluten and dairy products out of their diets. This suggests that some children develop autism due to an intolerance to certain foods. The notion that autism can be cared for or possibly cured via diet is not very well accepted, as the most common belief is that it is not curable. As of yet there are a lot of people who say they have had accomplishments when treating their autistic children with those modes. Evidence has been identified that could link autism to issues of the immune system. Those afflicted with autism seem to be prone to those physical ailments commonly associated with the immune system. One theory is that many children become autistic because of exposure to certain types of viruses. A potential treatment being researched now is to boost the immune system in people with autism. As there are many types of autism, researchers believe there may be more than one cause involved. But in some cases, the immune system plays a clear role in autism.

Through the years, many researchers have asserted that autism may happen, due to viral infections. Some studies have been conducted, which support the thought that there are some autistic children who have damaged immune systems which have been caused by specific viruses, and autistic individuals are more likely to experience the ailments connected with the immune system.

Some believe that the herpes virus may be one cause of autism, but this has not been proven conclusively. Primarily, many scientists conclude that autism has several different triggers, and viruses could be one of them. Because it is widely know that genetics play a huge role in autism, it is possible that viruses are a root of autism in children who are already predisposed to this ailment, due to their genes. There is a variety of potential causes of autism, and it will probably be a long time before there is an a compromise about what makes this disease take place. The foundations of autism mentioned above cannot, however, be considered the final word on this topic, however they are each worthy of being studied further.

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