What Features to Look for When Buying a Baby Car Seat

One of the initial accessories you will need to buy upon giving birth to your baby; is a dependable car seat. Figuring out which one will best suit your needs is foremost. You are directed by law to use proper car seat restrictions, and this will give you even more peace of mind when driving with your child. As you read on we will be discussing what points are important to look for when buying a car seat for your baby.

The one car seat that is safer than ever, with up to date safety features is the Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat. Britax car seats are designed to keep injuries to an absolute minimum in the case of a crash from any direction. The EPP foam in the five point harness protects from side impact. This is crucial, since side impact crashes are actually more common than any other type. The Marathon 70 is also built with your child’s comfort in mind, as the high density foam and plush cover are gently on the skin. The fire point harness is carefully planned to make it extremely easy to use. If your infant is unusually tiny, you can get the Infant Positioning Insert and place it in the Britax car seat for an even better fit. The basis of how the car seat is installed is an important factor you need to look into. The support for the car seat is designed to stay in the car while the seat itself is taken out. In order to give your child maximum security from danger when riding in the car, you should purchase the unit with the base. Quality car seats come equipped with a stout base that will let you remove the seat part with one simple movement. If you’re researching car seats and perhaps reading customer reviews, this is one factor to look into. You want to find the unit that will supply your infant with adequate safety features and it also not complicated to use.

One feature that some manufacturers of baby car seats include is an anti-rebound bar. This could keep your child safe from being flung from the car seat during a crash. So far this feature has not become something that is required and just because a seat lacks this does not mean the seat will not deliver adequate protection for your child. A solid five-point harness should be sufficient to hold the baby in place even when the car is impacted. Although the anti-rebound bar will offer an additional safety net for your child; they are not completely necessary. Given the wide variety of baby car seats that are available, you may have your job cut out for you trying to find the best one. It would be best if you buy a new car seat instead of a secondhand model; this way you will know everything about the features it provides and it will have a warranty as well. Other than that, you want to pick one that’s the proper size for your child and that will be comfortable as well.

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