Top 5 Unusual Things to Find in a Pawn Shop


Pawn shops are great for finding all sorts of older electronics, antique furniture, and unique pieces of jewelry for far less than the retail price. However, there are also a fair share of unusual and downright weird items some pawn shops might take in, too.

Here are the top 5 unusual items you might find in a pawn shop.

Coins and Other Currency

Pocket change is something most people want to be rid of, but did you know that you can actually make money with your money? Unless you have some legitimately old (around 100 years old or more) or extremely rare coins, however, your coins won’t be worth more than their current value.

Pawn shops value coins based on the percentage of gold, silver, copper, nickel, or other metals used to make the coin, so it might be a good idea to get any old coins you have appraised beforehand.

Cars and Other Vehicles

You might be surprised to know that the eclectic collection of cars or other vehicles parked right by the pawn shop is not a special parking lot, but all sorts of vehicles previous pawn shop customers have either pawned or outright sold to the pawn shop for a hefty profit. 

Pawn shops aren’t car dealerships, so you shouldn’t expect a wide selection. Still, if a vehicle in their lot catches your eye and the specs all seem to test out great, then you might be able to get a gently used car at a great bargain.


As it turns out, around 2.5 percent of items pawned off or sold in American pawn shops are guns. Guns have great resale value, mainly because their design and function don’t change all that much. Depending on what state you live in, guns might actually be the most popular item pawned off to pawn stores.

Gold Teeth

Jewelry, precious gems, and precious metals are some of the most popular merchandise a pawn shop peddles and pawns. Not only are pawn brokers more than happy to resell your old jewelry, but you can also make quite a lot from selling it, too.

However, some pawn shop customers take this a little too far and try to pawn off or even sell old gold fillings or teeth to make a tidy profit. Most pawn shop owners will request that you have the gold separated from the tooth before trying to sell it to them. Others will take the gold off your hands, tooth and all, without much of a fuss.

Sex Toys

The rather unfortunate truth of working in a pawn shop is that some customers will try to sell off all their old junk, including (sometimes previously used) sex toys.

To be fair, some of these sex toys are inlaid with precious stones like diamonds, which are definitely something a pawn broker finds valuable enough to buy. Still, coming across these in a pawn shop is still pretty gross. 

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