Simple, Fast, and Effective Household Items to Pawn

If you need some fast cash, getting a pawn loan is the best way to go. The pawn broker will not ask about your credit score nor care about any past debts. All you need is an item to put up for collateral and to agree on a set period of time to pay the loan off with the pawn broker.

But what simple, fast, and effective items can you pawn off in a hurry? Here is a small list of items you can find in your home that you can pawn off to get a quick and easy loan.

How Pawn Loans Work

Pawn loans are pretty simple. As stated above, you must offer something to the pawn broker as collateral. The broker will appraise your piece and give an estimate for how much money they are willing to loan to you.

You can haggle with the broker about the loan amount until you both agree on a price and period of time to pay the loan back that suits your needs.

Even if you find you can’t pay the loan in time, don’t worry! The pawn shop will just keep the item you put up for collateral. The broker will not even charge you interest for the money you did take out.

Of course, pawn brokers will appraise the object you turn in before deciding on a loan amount. If they suspect your item to be fake or stolen, they will not take it.


Old jewelry is one of the most common items people will use to make a quick pawn loan. They cost a lot, so of course the payout rate would be pretty high, too.

Due to the fluctuating jewelry market, however, some pieces might be worth more than others during certain times of the year. It’s a good idea to look into what is currently popular to see which of your own pieces might produce a higher loan amount.


Pawning off your used electronics can land you a sizable loan. You can pawn off any electronic from game consoles to gently-used smartphones to old TVs. It doesn’t matter if you have the newest model or an older one. So long as the device is in relatively good condition, you can expect a pretty sizable loan.

Power Tools

Pawn shops will gladly take your old power tools off your hands, too! You’ll earn a bigger loan if you put up power tools in relatively good working condition. More so if they are brand-new. Brand tends to play a pretty big part in the loan amount you will get, so choose to pawn off big-name brands for more money.


The funny thing about nostalgia is that people will absurd amounts just to experience something again. If you have decades-old antiques lying around, you can easily pawn them off to make fast cash.

This is especially true if the pawn shop you go to specializes in buying and selling antiques.

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