Secrets To Designing Your Mobile Website The Most Profitable Way

More and more people are using mobile phones, not only for making calls but for lots of other tasks as well. Web surfing on the phone has gone from being almost unheard of to commonplace as iPhone and other smart phone users come to rely on their phones for lots of daily tasks. There’s no telling how large the demand for mobile phones may get in the future, as many people now consider them a necessity. So we know that smart phones are big and getting bigger, but the real question is, how can internet marketers profit from this phenomenon? There’s an easy way for you to get your share of this market- build a mobile website. While your competitors are still struggling with traditional websites, you can move into this uncharted territory and gain an advantage. In this article we’ll be looking at some essential points to remember when you create a mobile website.

Build a List: If you thought list building was only about collecting email addresses, think again. A winning strategy that is helping mobile marketers take this game to the next level is called text marketing. This technique utilizes a personalized way to reach out to your customers and prospects to get feedback and instant results. You can later leverage your list for future promotions once you build it using your mobile website. However, there’s a thin line between permission based marketing and spamming, so be careful before you start using this method. It is very easy to be accused of spamming when you just start out online. It takes a little time before you will see results so you need to be patient. Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly: One limitation of mobile websites compared with computer sites is that they don’t load as quickly. The fact is, while people are used to pages loading almost instantly on their computers, the same isn’t yet true for mobile phone websites, and it will be a while before this technology catches up. You can make the site load more quickly by not having large files, lots of graphics or other things that will slow it down. If you want people to actually look at your site, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to access it, which means not having a slow loading site. The most successful mobile sites are user friendly and not overloaded with items that would slow them down.

You Must Use a Touch to Call Button: This is an awesome little trick not many mobile sites use; including a touch to call button or a so-called click to call button is the perfect thing to do when you are trying to get people to access your site through their phones. What happens is that they simply hit the button to give you a call, which is something very natural that is done on a phone. Your credibility, in the eyes of your visitors, will move upwards which will help boost your conversion rate. Creating a mobile website, as we’ve seen in this article, is a bit different from a traditional one, so make sure you design it with smart phone users in mind. If you can look at your site from your own smart phone and be pleased with the results, you know you’re on the right track.

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