Men, How to Deal with Losing Your Hair

A common affect of aging for men is often hair loss. Some don’t have to deal with this until they are much older. Another struggle for some is early onset thinning. The mid to late thirties can be when some men see the onset of thinning. This is not a problem that any man has to face alone.

The average man struggles with some sort of hair loss at some point in their life. There have been many different ways invented or discovered to handle this common issue. Here are some tips for dealing with men’s hair loss.

Some choose to take control of the situation by shaving their heads. Some start this habit when they are still boys. As styles have evolved, having a completely shaved head is now considered an acceptable hairstyle. Shaving your head the first time can be quite a system shock for most men. For the first few times, it may take you awhile to adjust to your new reflection. Benefits such as saving money on hair products can help you get used to being bald. It may be hard to fathom, but the kind of brush or comb you use for your hair can be a factor in your hair loss. Not all brushes and combs are created equally. The correct brush for you will depend on upon your hair type, strength and the style in which you are wearing it. The act of using a lackluster hairbrush could be a reason you are losing your hair. It may be that you have a brush that was designed for hair with more strength than yours. Or maybe for hair that is thicker than yours. Discuss with your stylist or barber the best comb or brush for your present hair type.

How stressed out are you? Are you dumbfounded to find out how much your stress level can have to do with the rate of your hair loss? When you hear that, you’ll probably say, “that just makes me more stressed out!” Move past it. In fact, try to get over all of your stress. The more you are able to relax, the less hair you will lose. One of the questions the doctor will ask near the start of the appointment about your hair loss is “how high is your stress level?” Try to be as much at ease as you can be!

Multiple factors come into play in your decision making regarding which method to use to “take on” men’s hair loss. Your personal chemistry, hormones and your physical make-up will determine a lot. They will depend on your current health.

The best method for you will be based on whether you prefer eastern or western medicine. Before you can determine the best method for you, you will need to accept the fact that you are losing your hair. Remember there is nothing that says you can’t resist your hair loss. There is only advice that you do what you can to make healthy choices.

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