Learn These 3 Adwords Mistakes That Can Cost You

All internet marketers share a common dream: focused internet traffic that converts directly to sales. This is what every Internet marketer works to accomplish, causing them to continuously search for the best traffic generating method. Pay per Click marketing is one of the best known and most commonly used ways of driving focused web traffic, king among the PPCs is Google Adwords. This is a tool that can take your marketing to the next level and boost your sales, get you more leads and ultimately breathe life into your website. However, 95% of the Adwords advertisers lose their shirt when trying their hand at this form of marketing. How can this be? Why is that some of them are making a killing, while the majority are wasting money? Success relies on effectively researching and fully understanding the Pay per Click methods. Failure to understand these primary issues creates a huge number of avoidable errors. This article will discuss 3 such Adwords mistakes that can be avoided:

1)Having a Daily Budget that is Too High

When using Google Adwords as a marketing tool, things can happen fast and you can end up loosing a lot of your money. It’s really easy to blow your whole advertising budget in a day or in just a few hours if you get a high number of clicks that don’t convert to sales. Now if you specify a reasonable dollar allotment each day you’ll stay on your target budget and continue to bring in information to refine your marketing campaign over an extended time frame. This data will help you understand more about your campaign and how it’s performing. You will be endowed with the proper information that is crucial for making decisions for your campaign which will further increase your profits. The first step to having that opportunity is a well conceived daily budget. You want your budget numbers spot on, not high or low.

2) Utilizing Google’s Content Network to Display Your Ads

The tools offered by Google’s Adwords can aid you in selecting the right keywords. This will either make or break you campaign as the proper keywords are the key to success, this is because Google focuses of the relevancy of its search results, its ads, and everything else. If your ad is relevant and goes hand in hand with the keyword, and is giving people exactly what they’re looking for, then you will undoubtadely succeed. Google rewards relevancy and that’s what you need to aim for. Use the tools Google provides you with Adwords to fine tune keyword selection and dig farther. Use keywords from your niche and make sure to place them in your landing page as well. Having highly targeted keywords will ensure you a higher conversion rate.

3) A third common mistake is in setting a daily budget that is too low.

It is a common market trend to set the daily advertising budget very low for a new campaign. Vendors do this so they can test the viability of their campaigns and adjust them to suit the market. However, they keep forgetting that when you set your daily budget too low, your ads won’t show much, which means you won’t be able to achieve the number of clicks you want to test out your advertising campaign. With so few clicks generated the vendor cannot determine the effectiveness of the campaign. To eliminate the possibility the page placement is at fault for campaigns revenue deficit, you actually want to raise your daily budget. If you have a prime position and aren’t making sales you need to change your campaign. You can lower that amount back down when you have figured out how everything works in the market.