Keeping the Search Engine Ranking You’ve Earned

Launching a new website and getting it ranked high in the search engines are two different things; by simply creating a site you don’t get traffic, you get it by ranking and maintaining your site in the major search engines. Lots of website owners and Internet marketers are likely to give up if they see their rankings start to slide but you don’t have to be that way. The article below explains how you too can maintain your site’s rank by taking a few simple steps …

Keyword Awareness: People search for websites using keywords and these keywords are the life of any SEO campaign. People change their search habits and new keywords are constantly added to the list so it is vital that you monitor your keywords. In order to achieve consistent ranking for your website, you have to study your main keywords and the related keywords. The way people use semantics isn’t something that’s constant, which is why you need to be on your toes all the time. There are several free and paid keyword tools available today that can make your job much easier. Be aware that to maintain your rank, you will need to work with the right keywords.

Keywords Should Be Used as Needed: If your webpages don’t have your keyword in the right places then it may affect your site’s overall rank. You need to insert your keyword in the title, in the headline, the images, etc. Lots of webmasters and IMers try to ignore this even though they know how important it is. If you place your keywords correctly, you will do a lot better than the other people in your niche market and you’ll have a much easier time keeping your search engine maintained. While you may have been able to rank your website quite nicely through good quality backlinks, if you don’t want your ranking to fall over time you should also make sure to place your keywords into your content strategically.

Be Persistent: You can never go wrong when you learn how to be persistent–it is the best skill you can develop. Every successful IMer has gotten their success through the use of persistence–without this you won’t ever get anywhere. If you don’t see any real results after putting in even your best work, don’t worry; you just need to be patient and keep working. Persistence is key here because it will help you rank for your chosen keywords and keep that rank for as long as you want. You will have an advantage here because most IMers don’t know how to persevere in hard times. Focus first on the results you want and not the siren song of quitting.

All in all, from the above article it becomes clear that SEO is a game that requires you to play it consistently to stay on the top. If you don’t want your position to drop, you need to be active with your website optimization.

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