Getting Rid of Acne and Other Problems With Your Skin

We are taught from birth that washing our face is something that we need to do every day. For most of us, face washing is much more of a chore than anything else and it is not usually something we want to make time for. Even after spending years in puberty and battling against regular acne breakouts, washing your face is more of a hassle, especially when all you want to do is go to sleep! Unfortunately, washing your face is the only way to keep dirt and other things from getting into your skin and clogging your pores. Do you really want to be the only person in the office with the acne problem of a teenager? Read on to learn a few tricks to help you keep your face clean and keep the acne away!

Are you regularly getting all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy? You might not know this yet, but not eating a balanced diet can cause some people to break out. For some, acne is a warning sign that they need to change their diets and fast. Some people find that simply taking a multi-vitamin is all they need to correct this issue. Vitamins might seem like an easy fix and it is true that they won’t fix everything but they can help make up for some of the nutritional deficiencies you are experiencing. The acne comes from the excess sebum that your body produces to counteract the malnutrition: it gets into your pores, clogs them and viola! Acne breakout! This type of acne is easily beaten by eating a healthy diet and taking your vitamins every day.

Do your best to keep your hands away from your face. Most people don’t realize how much time their hands spend on their faces every day. The contact between our faces and our hands is partly to blame for our acne problems. Take a minute to think about this. Whenever you touch something and then, later, touch your face, it is sort of like rubbing that object into your pores. When rest your face in your hands, the oil from your hands is transferred to your face and clogs the pores. Your face is a prime entry location for germs which is why touching your face is one of the ways that the flu is transmitted from others to you: you touch something that has been touched by a sick person and then touch your face: viola! you have the flu! This is just one reason why touching your face with your hands is a bad idea.

If you are unable to keep your hands away from your face make sure to wash your hands often! Keep the zits away by washing your hands a lot throughout every day.

Natural acne remedies are another option if you suffer from breakouts. You might try squeezing some toothpaste on that pimple. Put some toothpaste on your zits or pimples after they formed and then leave them alone overnight. You should see quite a bit of reduction in the blemish by morning (don’t do this if you have pets who sleep in the same room that you do–if they “taste” the toothpaste while you are sleeping they could get sick). Egg whites, when used as facial cleansers can do wonders for your acne. Either make a face mask from the egg whites and leave it on over night or dab some egg white onto a pimple with a q-tip. There are a lot of reasons that a person suffers from acne. You need to remind yourself that you are not alone with your acne issues–everyone deals with some form of acne or other. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, every person will have to deal with acne–some just need more help with it than others. There are all sorts of cures and aids to help people fight against a breakout or acne problem. Your acne might only need to be spot treated with a mild cleanser you get at the supermarket. You might need the help of a doctor. Keep at it and you’ll find a cure!

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