Finding the Most Effective Sunless Tanning Products

When it comes to getting a tan, there are many good reasons to use a sunless tanning product. These products are a safer option than using a tanning bed or lying in the sun for hours. Finding the right one among the various options available can be a bit confusing, though. Use the following tips to help guide you to the right sunless tanning product.

If the standard lotions and creams are too messy for your taste, you can try a tanning towel. You get the tanning effect by simply wrapping a large towel around yourself. A variation on this is smaller towelettes that you use all over your body. Many consider this option better than the lotions and they work just as well. Both the towels and lotions use DHA as an active ingredient.

There are a wide variety of brands of sunless tanning products and also a lot of techniques for applying this product. These include lotions, creams, sprays and also towelettes. There are positives and negatives to each of these and you’ll probably have your own favorites. Lotions typically take much longer to dry, compared to gels. You can also acquire lotions that combine as emollients, which can be a becoming option for keeping your skin soft while you are prolonging your tan. Some people desire to use the spray on tan methods because they are less work to apply, particularly on their back and other difficult to reach parts of the body. All of these, however, can be effective, as long as they have the active ingredient in self tanners, which is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). You may need to try out a bunch of different kinds of sunless tanning aids to learn which is your favored one.

While there are many good sunless tanning products on the market, sometimes you just prefer to walk into a salon and have someone else give you your tan. When many people think of tanning salons, they have a picture of tanning beds, which use ultra violet light, and has the same health risks as direct exposure to sunlight. But this type of tan is just as bad as direct exposure to sunlight and can give you a burnt or leathery look. There are now sunless tanning booths where you get sprayed with the same ingredient found in other sunless tanning products, DHA. When you go to a salon to get this process done, you will see a trained technician who will be better able to give you an even tan, especially in any hard to reach places.

It’s helpful to have so many sunless tanning options because of the concerns with sun exposure and tanning beds. Reading labels and reviews of the different products will help you find one that will give you the results you want. Using this tips will help you in your search the sunless tanning product that will work the best for you.

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