Exercises To Relieve Your Back Pain

Regardless of whether or not you are currently using some kind of treatment for your back pain; if you add exercises to your health regimen you may have better success with your healing progression. If you’re in severe pain, you should rest and consult with a doctor, but in the long run the best approach is to find gentle but effective ways to exercise your back. When you choose to use these exercises, you will be giving your back the gift of a healthy extended life.

The way that you feel can be positively influenced by doing aerobic exercises, many of which can also strengthen your back. Back exercises, such as high impact aerobic exercises, can actually hurt you more than help due to how much activity is involved – stay away from these! Other things to avoid include running on a treadmill, or even simple jogging – it really depends on the condition of your back and what it can handle. If done on a regular basis, low impact aerobic exercises are your best bet for getting better. If you swim, or if you do a daily walk in the morning, this can help your back heal and prevent reinjury. Aerobic activity, if done consistently, can increase the circulation in your body which will help your back and spine heal much more readily. Being in the water can be very therapeutic for your back, and almost any exercise done in water is beneficial. If it is not too painful for your back, swimming is one of the most favored treatments for back injuries; if this is too intense, just initiate some basic exercises in the pool. Moving around in general when you are in a pool can be very soothing, along with some low impact stretching exercises. Hopefully you have this type of therapy class in your neighborhood and can allow your back a soothing, healing session. Swimming is notably one the best therapies for spinal issues; if you already know how to swim, you are set, otherwise you may have to locate some instruction.

It’s easy to do some simple stretches that can relieve your back pain and strengthen your back against future pain. A good exercise/stretch for your back is to do knee lifts. Lie on your back and alternatively bring your knee as close to your chest as possible. Hold this position for about thirty seconds. After you have lowered the first leg, repeat the exercise with the other leg. Another simple exercise that’s very beneficial is to do waist twists. Simple place your hands down at the sides of your body and gently swing them to the right, while you twist your waist, and then to the left. Lastly, you can do hip rolls to loosen up, and stretch out, your lower back. Hip rolls are exactly what they sound like. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, gently roll your hips in a circular movement – first 10 times clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

A healthy back is what we all want to have! By doing the exercises and following the recommendations in this article, a healthy pain-free back can be yours. By exercising daily, your spine, and the rest of your body, will benefit and improve. Just keep in mind that if you already have a back injury, go easy on the exercises so that you can gradually see improvements.

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