Can You Sell a Gun to a Pawnshop?

If you own a firearm, then it can be worth selling it to a pawnshop. It’s a sensible idea and one that can give you a few different options. With that being said, we’d like to make sure you understand that there are a couple of different things to keep in mind when selling a firearm. It’s not just as simple as giving them the gun and walking away with the cash.

Because we’re on your side and recognise you probably don’t know any better, let’s take a look at some of what you should keep in mind when it comes to buying and selling firearms to pawn shops. Hopefully, we can save you a couple of awkward trips.

Can You Sell a Gun?

Well, technically, yes, you can. You can sell most things to a pawnshop; that’s why people like them so much. However, in practice, it’s not quite that simple.

If you were to walk into the pawnshop and ask to sell a gun, then nine times out of ten, somebody’s going to try and buy it from you. However, you also have to consider that there are both state and federal laws surrounding the sale of firearms. You need to understand what these rules are to avoid looking a bit silly.

First of all, not all pawn shops are legally allowed to purchase firearms. If they don’t have the license and registration required to do so, then they’ll just turn you away. That’s definitely one of those things you need to research beforehand to avoid looking like a fool.

Second of all, if you try to sell a firearm, you automatically trigger a background check in most states. If you’re trying to ditch a gun quickly because you’ve done something that’s questionably legal, don’t bother.

Top Considerations

Let’s finish this thing up in no particular order with a few considerations for selling a firearm in a pawnshop.


  1. Remove all the ammunition from the gun before you try and sell it. Nobody wants to handle a loaded firearm they don’t recognise just because you’re trying to sell one.


  1. If there is going to be a background check, make sure you have all the relevant forms of ID ready. The check will happen whether you want it to or not, so there’s no point fighting it.


  1. The final judgment of the pawnshop is the end of the discourse. If they don’t want to purchase it, politely accept it and try a different pawnshop.

Selling Your Gun

Selling a gun is not particularly difficult, and you can make money from doing it. However, you have to follow the rules and choose a shop that can handle your needs. While it’s normal to own a firearm, pawn shops have to protect both themselves and the business, so just do whatever it is they ask you to do. It makes the sales process a lot easier if you cooperate fully.

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