Things to Consider When Selling a Rolex Wristwatch


Selling a Rolex wristwatch can be a very profitable endeavour, but you need to make sure that you do it properly. There are things to consider when trying to sell a Rolex, simply due to its inherent nature as a valuable product.

To make sure that you get the best results when it comes to trying to sell a Rolex, let’s take a look at some of the different things that you should be considering. These are all factors which will influence the ease with which you sell and the type of profit that you generate.

Rolex Wristwatches Are Expensive

 Generally speaking, it’s important to recognise that the type of wrist watch you are trying to sell in this particular scenario is expensive. A Rolex watch is something which generally holds its value very well, and is known as a hallmark of quality and cost in most Western communities.

This means that you’re going to generate a reasonably good price, which does restrict your potential sellers to private collectors and the like. It’s important to keep this in mind when selling, because you need to go where these people are more likely to notice the watch.

Selling is an Art

 Selling a Rolex wristwatch is very much an art form, so you need to make sure that you do it properly in order to succeed. This will often involve taking your time and figuring out the best way to sell the watch, the ideal price to get it for, and then being able to haggle to make sure that you generate the maximum amount of profit possible.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate and to set a minimum price that you will part with the watch for. This helps you to weed out any collectors who are attempting to deceive someone who is new to the idea of selling a Rolex. For a better idea on price, do a few Google searches and see if you can get a comparison.

Be Patient

 Owing to the somewhat niche market of selling a Rolex, you may find that it might take some time to get the best possible results, and to make sure that people are even purchasing the goods to be in with. You need to try and be patient when it comes to making a sale, and recognise that you may not immediately sell your Rolex, but that doesn’t mean that a collector won’t stumble across it eventually. Patience is key.

Final Thoughts

 Selling a Rolex wristwatch is something that you should definitely consider doing because it can generate a lot of benefits, but it’s also important to make sure that you are taking your time. A Rolex can be worth a considerable amount of money, which makes it well worth taking the time to invest in, but if you don’t sell it for the right amount, then you are making a loss. Just remember that owing to the high value of the product, in a lot of cases, you are going to be dealing with a reduced seller pool.

Pawnshop Tips and Tricks


Making a sale with a pawnshop can be sensible if you want to get cash quickly and be able to purchase your possession back at the end of the payment period. However, it’s not just a case of walking into a shop and walking out with money, and there are strategies you can employ to get the best results.

A pawnshop, like any other retail service, has fine art in terms of using it. Let’s take a quick look at some tips and tricks for getting the best out of any pawnshop.

Research Shops

 One of the best things that you can do to make sure you get the best pawnshop is to research the offerings. There are many different pawnshops these days, and any big city will have at least two or three. It would help if you looked at which ones are available, find out what they offer, and used this to make an informed decision.


A little bit of negotiation can go a long way when dealing with pawnshop owners. You want to get the best deal for yourself. You can do this by haggling with regards to the repayment price and even the interest rates. There are some cases where interest rates have to be a certain percentage by law, but usually, it’s at the discretion of the pawnshop to decide their prices.

Back up Your Items

 If you’re going to try and pawn an item to get a good value for it, you have to be prepared to prove it’s worth what you want. This means if you have jewellery, you could get it professionally appraised, or if you’re going to demonstrate the functionality of something, make sure it has been charged up, or the batteries have been replaced. You have to be prepared to confirm that the item is worth whatever you want to get.

Pay Promptly

If you want to make sure that your interactions with the pawnshop are successful, you need to pay back on time and promptly. Remember that an official business transaction has taken place, so if the pawnshop wants to sell the item, they can legally do so if you don’t make the correct payments. If you’re going to see the item again, you need to ensure that you can get the money back. If needs be, have a plan to repay before you take out the loan.

Final Thoughts

 A pawnshop can be a great way to make money quickly, but you need to plan before going in. There is often no point in rushing in and negotiating for something that you can’t afford or don’t have the resources to do, so it’s essential to take the correct steps to protect your item from being sold on and to make sure that you have access to the resources you want. This takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Remember to do your research as well, so you can pick the best pawnshop for your needs.

The Benefits of Pawnshops


We’ve all been in this situation before – payday hasn’t arrived, and you don’t have as much money as you want. You might have an emergency bill to pay, or you might need to get something unexpected, so what do you do? For a lot of people, they start selling precious items, and it’s not a bad idea, but it can be done better.

A pawnshop would let you sell your item and then get it back afterwards – not a bad idea, no? Let’s take a look at exactly how this works as we discuss the benefits of pawnshops.

Quick Cash, Fast

 Your main goal is to get yourself some quick cash, and we don’t blame you at all in that respect. Finding the money that you need for an event or a bill can be tricky, which is why a pawn shop is a good idea. In 99% of all situations, you walk in with an item and walk out with money. It’s a winning strategy for getting some quick emergency funding.

You Don’t Lose Your Item

 Do you know how a pawn shop works? You put up an item as collateral for a short term loan. It’s a genuine business transaction, and the item becomes the property of the pawnshop once the deal has been done, but then you have a certain period in which you can buy back your item.

It’s a simple and highly effective practice. You get to have the money you need for that short time, and then you have a fixed period in which you can repurchase the item. So, you don’t have to lose the thing, but instead, you temporarily exchange it for a cash value.

Flexible Payment Times

 The exact time it will take you to pay back the item depends on the agreement you have created with the pawnshop owner. They will decide how long they are prepared to give you to buy back your item before it becomes their property and they can sell it.

In most cases, this is pretty flexible. You are free to spend a couple of weeks financing the purchase, but it will depend on a case-by-case basis as to how long you get to pay back the money. It’s an effective strategy when you think about it because no matter what happens, the pawnshop doesn’t lose money.

Final Thoughts

 If you’re looking to make quick cash, then a pawn shop can be a pretty sensible idea. It has all the resources you could want to get the best results, so you’re free to take a look at all of the different available offerings. Some pawnshops can be harsher than others when it comes to repayment plans, so you should look at all of the offerings to figure out which one is best for you.  With that being said, it’s an excellent way to make money and not lose a sentimental item permanently. Pawnshops have been in business for years now, and are a reputable service.

How to Sell a Rolex Wristwatch

Owning a Rolex is a sign of success, but selling a Rolex is a sign you’ve moved onto greater heights. If you own a Rolex, and you don’t use it, you’d do well to sell it – those watches pick up a tidy sum if you do it right.

A Rolex wristwatch is something which can be worth quite a lot of money, but how do you go about effectively selling one? That’s the real question and one which a lot of people do wonder. Your best bet is most likely going to be to check out the different selling avenues, and we’re going to take a look at them here.


First and foremost, let’s look at eBay. The selling site most commonly frequented by people with something like a Rolex to sell, eBay has a good base of collectors and hobbyists looking to swipe up an item for their collection.

These are the primary crowd you’ll run across when it comes to eBay. Most people who buy something specifically niche as a Rolex are usually either collectors or fans of the brand. It’s worth it if you want a good price; just watch out for the dangers of online sales and eBay fees.

Private Sales

A private sale is another way that you can shift off a Rolex, and it is worth looking into for similar reasons to eBay.

There are dedicated websites for selling things like Rolex wristwatches, and you might find that while the average user base is smaller, the chances of making a good sale is higher. You’ll run into committed fans of Rolex watches who have a fair amount of cash to throw at a good quality wristwatch from a certain collection or range.

Commercial Sales

Commercial sales, so those sales which involve a big company, are also good options for people who want to do something a little bit different. A business typically has more buying power than a private seller, so if you’re going for the big money, it’s a solid bet.

Obviously, you’ll be dealing with an enterprise with its own terms and conditions, so it is probably important to remember that. If you want to get the best results, you should definitely shop around and ask about what’s on offer, so that you can find the right company to go into business with.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting the best possible options, you’ve got a lot of unique options to explore. Selling a Rolex wristwatch is one of the best options available, and generally speaking, you can make a lot of money for a watch in good condition. Remember to buy from a reputable source, and you’ll be in with the best chance to make as much as you can. A good Rolex is a strong asset – it doesn’t usually depreciate masses if kept in good nick and will fetch a decent chunk of cash. Therefore, what you need to concern yourself with is getting the best possible options for selling.

Should You Sell a Rolex Wristwatch?

A Rolex is often seen as the pinnacle of a bespoke lifestyle. They’re beautiful, have many quality materials in their design, and usually have a hefty price tag attached. A Rolex is typically prime evidence of a successful career, but should you sell yours?

There’s a good couple of reasons to make active attempts to sell a Rolex, and we’ll be covering them here to make sure you get the gist of it. Let’s examine why selling your watch could well be one of the best decisions you make.

Quick Cash, Fast

 The thing about a Rolex wristwatch is that even the older models still fetch a very reasonable price if they’re in good condition.

You might have a watch that you bought recently and have grown bored of or an older model that you upgraded and kept in a drawer somewhere. In either of those situations, it could be well in your interest to sell them and make some quick cash. Depending on where you go and whether you sell to a dedicated collector, you’d make a lot of money for something you don’t use anymore.

No Waste

 The only thing about owning something and not getting a lot of use from it is that it tends to wind up becoming a waste.

There’s a lot of unique and easy options available when it comes to making sales, but one of the biggest draws is that you shift off stuff you didn’t want and didn’t have a need for. No one wants to keep stuff they don’t want, and rather than throw it away outright; you should sell what has value. It’s by far and away the best option for anyone who wants to make money and get rid of stuff they don’t use.

You’ll Make Someone Happy

 If you own a Rolex wristwatch, and you don’t use it anymore, it makes a lot of sense to sell it to someone who doesn’t have it because a lot of the time, they’re bought by collectors.

Most people who go in for something niche like an older Rolex wristwatch often purchase for the sole purpose of collecting. They’re fans and enthusiasts – the people who saw the Rolex in a film or collect a series to display at home.

It’s a win-win situation when you think about it. You get to sell the Rolex – this thing that you don’t use. The other person buys something that they really enjoy and will pay you for the privilege.

Final Thoughts

 As you can probably work out, selling a Rolex is pretty easy to do and has a lot of benefits to it. This kind of selling is easy, and if you don’t fancy going private, there’s plenty of commercial businesses who will happily purchase from you. Ultimately, your best bet is often to pick up the best kind of deal you can, and selling a Rolex is arguably an easy way to do things. If you’re not using it, why not sell it? It’ll be worth it in the long run.



Our Commitment to Buying Gold in COVID-19


We have avoided talking too much about COVID-19 because it is often a topic that is discussed too much. Still, we think it’s important to emphasise our ongoing commitment to purchasing gold from you during this difficult time.

Naturally, we understand that people will be concerned about selling gold during the pandemic, especially considering how delays and businesses closing down can affect essential retail and commerce. We want to take this opportunity to talk a bit about our continued practices and why selling your gold remains the best decision.


Continuing to Operate

 Naturally, we have endeavoured to stay open as much as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. We have made sure that we have been following all health and safety policies, as laid down by the British government.

With that in mind, we will continue to operate even as COVID-19 continues, and put a renewed emphasis on purchasing gold at competitive prices. We understand that right now, many people may need a cash influx as a result of financial hardship, which is why we are standing ready to make a purchase whenever somebody expresses interest.


Providing Competitive Prices

 Something that we endeavour to do is to provide you with competitive prices for your gold. We understand that you will want to make a sale and increase your cash flow as a result of a reduced intake of money due to COVID-19. We make sure to operate as quickly as we can when it comes to completing the selling process, and we do offer competitive prices.

You will always be more than welcome to get in contact with us and make an inquiry about any of the services that we offer. After all, we do want to make sure that you get the best results, which is why we will be working hard to give you exactly whatever you need, whenever you need it.

If your gold items have spent a considerable amount of time just sat around, then purchasing them from you is something we would be more than happy to do. Just remember that you should follow all the normal rules for selling gold. Take any precious gems away from the gold before you sell it, don’t use eBay or pawn shops, and make sure that you clean the gold up before you sell it to generate the highest value.


Final Thoughts

 So, in conclusion, we are more than happy to continue operating during the COVID-19 period, and we will be endeavouring to make sure you get the best possible prices for your gold. We know how important it can be to get the ideal gold price, which is why we will continue to remain as competitive as possible, and operate with as much efficiency as is possible during a pandemic. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries about what we can offer you. In these difficult times, we want to continue offering as normal a service as we possibly can.

How to Sell Your Gold For Maximum Profit


 If you want to sell gold, then you will want to make a profit. However, depending on where you sell, what you sell, and how you sell, you will make a different amount of money each time.

Making the maximum amount of profit possible is hard. There is no instruction manual on how to sell your gold for the highest amount of money. At least, there was no instruction manual until today.

We will show you exactly how to sell your gold for the highest amount of money possible. We will be doing this by providing our expert advice on how to make a sale.


  1. Prepare Your Gold

 The first thing that you will need to do to sell your gold for maximum profit is to prepare it. You cannot simply sell your gold as it is.

To prepare your gold, you will need to extract any precious gems from the gold item. Most companies, ourselves included, have no interest in these gems, so you should remove them and sell them separately.

It is also a good idea to clean your gold. You should clean metals using non-abrasive chemicals to protect the gold from any unnecessary damage.


  1. Wait For Higher Market Values

To maximise profit on selling your gold, you need to pick the right time. The market value of gold will fluctuate naturally as each month passes, so you need to analyse the market value of gold and select the right moment to sell.

If the market value of gold is at its highest point for a few months, then you probably should sell your gold then. However, if the value has been slowly declining for a few months, wait a little while.

Getting the highest value for your gold is a waiting game, but it’s worth it.


  1. Sell Professionally

If you want as much money as possible for your gold, do not sell privately. Always sell professionally. This means that you need to avoid eBay, pawnshops, and places like Facebook.

These places might be good for quick private sales for smaller, less expensive items, but when it comes to gold, they will not do. You need to find a professional gold buying company, like us, because we will provide you with the competitive prices that you want to get the highest value.


Final Thoughts

 The best way to sell gold is to follow the instructions we have created. Gold can be worth quite a large sum of money, but you need to make sure that you sell it correctly. This won’t be easy, and it can take time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

f you have gold items, we will be happy to purchase them from you for a more competitive price. You will need to think about the best time to sell gold and make sure that you prepare it beforehand. If you do these things, then there is no reason you could not maximise the profit on your gold and walk away with quite a large sum of money.

Your Guide to Selling Gold Coins


You might have some gold coins in your house that were passed down through the family. If this is the case, then you could start to think about selling them. Gold coins can be worth a considerable amount of money.

With that being said, selling them is not quite as straightforward as you would think. There are many things to consider when trying to sell gold coins, like, for example, what type you have and the condition that they are in.

To try and help you figure out exactly how to sell your gold coins and get the best profit, we will cover some of the essential things to think about when trying to make a sale.

What Types of Coins Do You Have?

 So, the first thing that you need to work out is what kind of gold coin you have. There is more than one type, obviously, so it’s important to know what kind of coin you have in your possession. Let’s take a look at three of the most common types of gold coins.


  • Gold Sovereigns. The first type of coin is a gold sovereign, first invented in 1817 and primarily circulated in the UK. These gold coins are some of the most recognisable in the modern day and can fetch quite a large amount of money.


  • The second type of gold coin is called a Krugerrand. It originated in South Africa and is minted in 22-carat gold. This makes them incredibly valuable. Typically, a Krugerrand might be orange in design simply because there is a small percentage of copper in its composition.


  • American Gold Eagle. The American gold eagle coin is one of the most popular in the world. It first came into circulation in 1986 and was minted in New York. They’re still distributed today, but owing to their gold composition, they can be quite popular among collectors and can fetch a reasonable price.


Assessing Condition

 When it comes to purchasing gold, we will inquire about the condition of the coin itself. Generally speaking, those coins that are as close to mint as possible will be the highest value. Keep a lookout for dirt and scratches because this can impact the overall value of gold.

It may be worth getting them professionally cleaned, although you should make sure that you do so in a way that doesn’t damage the gold itself.

Final Thoughts

 Selling gold coins isn’t tricky. There are many different types of gold coins, and they are worth a variety of different prices. It’s essential to make sure that you know exactly what you have because this will help you get the best results.

For best results, you would be wise to sell your gold professionally to someone like us because we can get you the best possible prices for it. If you try to sell on sites like eBay or via a pawnshop, you may not get the ideal price. We can guarantee competitive prices.

The Top 4 Reasons to Sell Gold

Selling your gold can be a very sensible strategy for securing a safe, reliable asset. You probably have a few gold items stashed away. So, instead of just letting them sit and gather dust, wouldn’t it be a good idea to sell them instead?

There’s a couple of different reasons why you should consider selling gold if you are interested in doing so. Thankfully, gold isn’t too difficult to sell either – we buy it from you at competitive prices.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the top four reasons why you should sell your gold.

Gold is a Scarce Material

 An important fact you should probably know about gold is that it is, in fact, a physically scarce material. It’s hard to find and requires specialist resources to extract – this is probably where tales of panning for gold comes from.

Back in the 1800s, it was commonplace to have whole mining towns crop up if gold was found close by. Nowadays, however, you are more likely to unearth about 2,000 tons of gold a year.

Owing to this scarcity, your gold can be worth quite a bit because it’s hard to decrease the value massively.

Gold has Desirable Properties

As a material, gold has a fair number of properties that make it desirable. For example, it is quite good as a conductor, so you will see it used in tools. It’s also incredibly malleable and ductile.

Because of this, you tend to Finegold in quite a few different forms. For example, gold plated copper wire is ubiquitous. A single ounce of the gold plating will cover up to 1000 miles of copper wiring.

Because of this, there are quite a few people who will pay quite a lot for gold because they can use it for various tasks.

Gold Looks Amazing

 One of the main benefits of a gold watch or gold jewellery is that it looks very nice. Aesthetics can be pretty important when it comes to materials, and gold has always looked great.

Throughout history, gold has garnered a reputation for being a symbol of wealth and power. This means that people spend a considerable amount of money to acquire this gold because they believe it will enhance their image and make them look wealthy. You can probably begin to understand how this would raise the price of gold.

Gold Retains Value

 Most assets will fluctuate with regard to value. It’s widespread for the market value of a material or an asset to go up and down naturally over time. However, gold has a fixed value, so it is less prone to decreases in value.

This means that your gold will remain relatively consistent in terms of how much you can get for it. This makes it a good asset to invest in, because the value will remain reasonably consistent from one month to the next.

Final Thoughts

 Investing into gold has a lot of potential. Selling your gold will often get you quite a large sum of money. We are more than happy to purchase gold from you, because we want to make sure that you get the best value for it.

Gold Selling FAQ


We pride ourselves on being able to answer all of your burning questions when it comes to gold selling. We understand how important it can be for you to get the best possible experiences, and it’s going to be harder to do that when you lack some of the critical information.

We’ve collected together some of the common questions when it comes to gold-selling, and we want you to be able to get the best possible experiences, so we’ll actively work with you to make sure that you get everything done you need to. Let’s take a look at what we can answer for you.

Q: Do you take diamonds as part of the gold?

 So, we get asked quite a bit if we take a certain type of precious stone as part of our gold-purchasing endeavours. There’s a couple of things we want to make pretty clear about gems, Jewels, and anything which isn’t solid gold. Yes, we do take it. No, it does not increase the value of your item. Yes, we will simply remove the stone and throw it away. Yes, you would be better off removing the stone yourself and selling it. So, the power move is to remove the stone and sell it on for yourself.

Q: I want to sell gold, why use a professional?

 Sadly, one of the biggest questions that we get asked on a regular basis is why people should even bother using a professional when places like pawn shops and eBay exist. Ultimately, you’re not going to get the best price if you use either of those things.

Here is the thing. eBay does not get you the best price, you’re more likely to be found by a collector looking for a cheap item, and eBay themselves take commission fees. Pawn shops on the other hand are a little bit different, simply because they exist usually on a fixed price, so even if the market is a lot higher, you’ll still get a fixed, potentially lower price. Using a place like us is the way to get the best price.

Q: Can I ask questions about gold-selling?

 Yes, of course you can. We are more than happy to sit down with you and talk about what it is that we can do for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll have a chat with you about what it is we can do to facilitate your needs. We are quite friendly, and we want to make sure that you get the best experience when selling gold.

Final Thoughts

So, obviously, selling gold is a big responsibility, and it is one that we do take quite seriously. We want to make sure that you get the best possible experience from start to finish, because we understand how important it can be for you to feel like you are selling your gold for the ideal price. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will make sure that you understand exactly what’s on offer.