Better Tips for Protecting Your Winter Skin

Wintertime can wreak havoc on your skin. The air is drier and colder, and that means that your skin is going to have different needs during the winter months than it does during the summer months. But don’t worry. You won’t have to hide away and suffer until the weather starts to warm up again in spring. There are definite things that you can do to help improve the quality of your skin and cut down on your suffering and worries. We’re going to give you some tips so you can learn the best ways of taking care of your skin during the cold months.

Shop around for a good quality humidifier before you start experiencing the drying damage of cold weather. The ambient air is a lot dryer in the winter, when it’s cold, than it is during the warm, humid summer months. We make matters even worse when we crank up our heating systems. It doesn’t matter what kind – space heaters or central heating – both dry up the air the same way. Any kind of heat has a drying effect on your skin and this is what causes dry skin problems. A quality humidifier can balance out the air in your home by adding humidity to the air. Therefore, you can use your heaters to stay warm and your humidifier to keep the air healthy and moist. To help spread the moisture, use several small humidifiers throughout your home. You will then benefit by the warmth of your heating system without sacrificing the moisture of your skin.

Work with an aesthetician or a professional cosmologist. When you ask for advice regarding a good moisturizer from the store manager at the drug store, you could be putting your skin at risk for possible irritation. If you frequent some of the classier stores or salons, you may find specialists that can recommend proper skin care treatments that will give your skin the protection it needs to withstand the detriment that cold weather can cause.

Even though the product is a little more expensive, you will actually save by not going through the ones that are not effective.

Make it a point, also, to moisturize your feet each day. Summertime foot lotions may smell nice and minty, but they are thin and not sufficient for wintertime. A richer lotion, especially if you can find one that is based on petroleum jelly or glycerin, is what you need for wintertime use. Use a pumice stone to rub off the dry skin on your feet so it doesn’t become a problem. Moisturize your feet well and, as the dry skin starts to soften, gently abrade it to remove it. This will allow the cream to penetrate deeper into your skin to prevent further drying out. Another advantage of this routine is that your feet will have a layer of protection in the event that your socks get wet.

The basic mechanics of skin care stay the same all year round.

Clean skin is of prime importance. Next in line, is to keep your skin as clear as you can. Visit your dermatologist periodically so you know that your skin is healthy. The weather in the different seasons, however, will make it necessary to adjust your skin care products to factor in the existing conditions. In the summer, when you are fighting oily skin, you are better off using skin care products and make-up that is water based. In the winter, when dryness is the culprit, products with an oil base are the best choice. The secret to healthy skin during the cold, dry season is to keep your skin warm and hydrated.

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