A Few Ideas For Eco Friendly Home Improvement Projects

Whilst you may think of being green and helping the environment as some sort of trend it’s really just you having to use your brain. If you’re looking at different ways of improving your home to make it more appealing and comfortable it makes sense to try and save energy by reducing your energy consumption. There’s an incentive to try and be green in your decisions: rocketing energy prices. In this article we shall be looking at things to help you go green.

The majority of individuals had an understanding that when you insulate your home it aids in maintaining the heat even before it was popular to pay attention to the environment. That hasn’t changed, although now the rising cost of oil and electricity has made it even more urgent for us to pay attention to this. It is possible to lose 50% of the heat in your home if the ceiling and walls aren’t insulated enough. Prior to putting in insulation, be knowledgeable of what the measurement or “R value” of the insulation is. Another place to give care to is beneath the doors because if they have space cold can come into the house while heat goes out. Sealing these with draft excluders, which can be made from almost any warm material, even from old clothes that you were planning to throw out, can be very helpful. Although windows could be used for decoration and to give light in your house, they are also great for keeping the heat inside and for insulation. In fact, the type of windows you have can be a major factor when it comes to your heating bills. It is possible to make your home much more energy efficient by obtaining double or triple paned windows. Reduction of heat loss could be obtained by up to fifty percent with a coat of Low-E (low emissivity). Consequently, while putting new energy efficient windows can be a high initial expense, it will help you to save money when all is said and done. It will also make you more comfortable in the winter.

There are some ways of heating your home up efficiently, and this will greatly impact your energy bill. The least efficient way of heating up your home is with a fireplace, even though it’s an old fashioned way of keeping your room warm. But, there are things called fireplace inserts that can switch things around so they are in your favor, so if you do own a fireplace have a look. Additionally you can try to heat up with a pellet stove. A pellet stove burns corn pellets. With the rising cost of oil, this can be a cheaper alternative. Insulation is the key thing that will make a big difference when making your home energy efficient.

As you decide on different green additions to your home you’ll find that it’s much easier than you initially thought. In a few ways things will actually become less difficult because you will be more independent and you’ll have cut some of your bills. You’ll most likely have to pay full price for the solar panels though before you can benefit from their advantages. You will save money with environmentally options in the long run though.

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