5 Types of Items You Can Find at a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops offer a wide selection of items, many of which are sold for much less than their retail value. Here are just some of the types of items that you can find at your local pawn shop.


Jewelry is perhaps the most popular item customers tend to pawn or sell off to a pawn shop. Most customers can make a pretty hefty sum just from selling off old jewelry, which is why you may see so many different varieties of jewelry all throughout the store. Many if not all these pieces come with their own unique histories, which can make the item feel all the more special.

You can even ask pawn brokers if you can mix and match certain chains, charms, and gemstones together to create a wholly unique piece found nowhere else.


Most people might be wary of purchasing used electronics like computers, tablets, and game consoles, but pawn brokers only sell electronics they know are in good condition. Some pawn brokers will even let you open DVD, Blu-ray, or game cases and check if the disc isn’t scratched-up beforehand, a benefit no other stores will give you.

Many of the models a pawn shop carries might not be the latest editions, but if they still work well, you could be getting great electronics for a fantastic bargain!


Watches are easily one of the most common items you can find in a pawn shop, something that the average watch enthusiast knows well. Due to the fact that some watches are sold for thousands upon thousands of dollars, many seeking a high-quality piece will benefit from buying second-hand ones from a pawn shop.

Pawn shops are always looking for new pieces to display, so you might find some real eye-catching watches!

Designer Items

Pawn shops often accrue a great selection of designer fashion and handbags and sell them back at much more affordable prices. Of course, these designer items might have been popular several seasons ago, but the brand names and designs might entice those who couldn’t afford them at retail price.

Who knows? You might even bring these older styles back in fashion!

Antiques and Collectibles

Those who are interested in vintage items can rely on pawn shops to have a good collection of older merchandise to peruse. You might be able to find cool vintage furniture no longer in production or the perfect rug from decades ago that fits with your personal aesthetic. Like with jewelry, each antique comes with its own fascinating history.

If you’re a fanatic of comic books, superheroes, or geek culture in general, your local pawn shop might have hidden gems from your fandom’s past. This could be anything from first edition comic books to old bobbleheads to older pieces of merchandise signed by famous actors or writers.

Pawn brokers especially prize mint editions, so you never know when you could score a rare prize for your own collection!


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