3 Most Famous Pawn Shops

With the rise of hit reality shows that solely center on pawn shops, you can expect that the shops featured in such shows will inevitably become famous. There are also pawn shops that garner the highest-end clientele imaginable, which no doubt have also garnered the attention of the public at large.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 most famous pawn shops in America!

World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

This pawn shop located in Las Vegas boasts a bold claim to fame within its name alone. If the name of this pawn shop rings a bell, then you’ve probably caught an episode of the hit reality show Pawn Stars on the History Channel. Or maybe you’re a dedicated fan who has watched every single episode and no doubt were expecting this shop to show up on this list.

Either way, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has easily become one of the most famous pawn shops in the world! With up to 17 seasons and counting, shop runners Rick, Richard, and Corey Harrison, Austin Russell, and their crew of experts have fascinated millions with their appraisal of antiques and other merchandise customers have tried to sell or pawn off to them.

Not only can you visit the famous pawn shop for a chance to be on the show, but you can also take a tour of the place. You might even get a chance to meet the stars of the show during one of these tours! They even offer VIP experiences where you can have a private meet-and-greet with one of the stars and view some of the store’s rarest items.

American Jewelry and Loan

American Jewelry and Loan is another pawn shop made famous through the reality TV show Hardcore Pawn. While not as big a show as Pawn Stars, it still garnered millions of viewers per episode and ran for 5 years on TruTV.
This Detroit shop is run by Les Gold, a fitting name for a pawn broker who often works with precious metals. He and his family have been in pawning since 1978, with both Les and son Seth becoming one of the top brokers in the business. They are often invited to various other TV shows to give others financial advice as well as demystifying the pawning business to the general public.

The Dina Collection

Finally, we have The Dina Collection in Beverly Hills, California. From high-end jewelry to designer items, owner Yossi Dina deals with all kinds of clientele—even those you wouldn’t ever expect to visit a pawn shop!
Celebrities, millionaires, and yes, even the occasional billionaires flock to this classy pawn shop to snag a good deal on all kinds of items. Turns out even the wealthiest of the wealthy love a good bargain! Unfortunately, these bigger deals are done in the back of the store, so don’t expect to run into the likes of Tom Cruise or Elon Musk anytime soon.

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