Monetizing Methods for Your Blog or Website

It is not so difficult to make money with a site, and perhaps so many fail to do that has more to do with preparation and commitment. Even once you make money with it, the work is not over; yet keep in mind a lot of effort will be on the front end. The thing about producing profits is while many ways can work, not all of them will be well-suited to your site or market. What follows is a brief discussion about making money from your business website.

Whether you have a static site or blog, you can imbed ads directly into your RSS feed, and that is in addition to ads on your site. Now, do not go crazy over this because your feed subscribers may unsub from you. Running ads in your feed is very easy with Feedburner and another popular service called Bidvertiser. Such services offer a hands free solution for you to advertise in your feed without really getting into the technical details of it. If you’re not comfortable with third party services, you can also choose to sell banner ads/sponsored messages directly in your feed.

Perhaps the single most important consideration here is you need to have a steady flow of unique and returning visitors.

Another monetizing model is consulting if you are in the right market and have the knowledge and experience. If you have a site, then it will be necessary for your audience to view you as an expert. This business model is more applicable to niche markets where people face consistent problems and are always looking for solutions. Consider all the challenges faced by internet marketers, and the challenges are legendary. Would you ever think someone would want to pay someone for help in IM? Of course it does! So you first need to analyze your website and the niche you’re targeting with it, to make sure that it fits with the consulting type of business.

Have you ever thought about flipping websites? If not, then perhaps you might want to check it out. True, this is a slight deviation from what we have been talking about, but it is a way to make money with websites/blogs. You will find people selling sites of all shapes and sizes, but your best returns will come from a site that has some maturity and income generation history. Even though an established site is preferred, a very well-made site in a good niche will sell; it will just sell for less. So what you will find is the complete range and mix of sites to be bought.

Generating revenue from your site will depend on many factors so your efforts have the best chance of success. The most important thing is to avoid dreaming about it and do something to make it a reality.